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Our Standard Beers

Mother Ale | 5.4% ABV | 46 IBUs

Mother Ale pays homage to the best in all of us. This rich bodied golden ale is smooth and satisfying. Brewed using North American grown pilsner and wheat malts, and topped off with European noble hops, Mother Ale is a reminder that mother knows what’s best. After a day of fishing, rafting, or just marveling at the bounty of mother earth, no beer knows what “ales” you better.

Single Engine Red | 5.6% ABV | 46 IBUs

For years local air taxis have ferried mountain climbers to the base camp on the south side of Denali, flown flight seeing tours over “The High One,” and dropped off backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts in all corners of the Alaska backcountry. Denali Brewing Company draws the inspiration for its red ale from Talkeetna’s rich aviation history. Brewed with five choice American and European malts and just enough hops for balance, we hope you find Single Engine Red a suitable compliment to your next Alaskan adventure, whether in the air or on the ground.

Twister Creek IPA | 6.7% ABV | 71 IBUs

When it was discovered that hops not only added bitterness and aroma to beer, but made it last longer too, British brewers created the IPA style to survive the long voyage to India, where her majesty’s thirsty troops awaited unspoiled ale. Twister Creek IPA combines the finest Pacific Northwest and British hops atop a foundation malty enough to balance its 71 IBUs. High octane, full-flavored, well-balanced. This is the beer you’ve been thirsty for.

Chuli Stout | 5.9% ABV | 55 IBUs

Over its long history, stout has served many purposes, from a doctor-recommended cure-all to an aperitif for Russian royalty. Somewhere in the middle is Chuli Stout, a dry Irish style stout, which takes its name from the mighty Chulitna River. An ample amount of roasted barley imparts dry, coffee-like flavors, while flaked barley adds smoothness and body. And if that weren’t enough, Chuli Stout is conditioned and served with nitrogen, amplifying smoothness and creating that rich, dense, classic stout pour.

Seasonal and Specialty Beers

Slow Down Brown

Dark nut brown ale features velvety chocolate malt up front; a nutty center palate with restrained additions of cumin, coriander, fennel, fenugreek and cardamon; and a slightly sweet lingering finish highlighted by cinnamon, cloves and cayenne.

I Squared | 9.6% | 122 IBUs

This big IPA rests its 122 IBUs on a foundation of six malts, ranging from Vienna to Chocolate. We used hops from all over the world to impart nuanced bitterness, flavor and aroma. Featured in the kettle are American varieties Zeus, Mt. Hood, Sterling and Willamette, as well as Saaz from the Czech Republic. These are followed up with Challenger from UK, more Czech Saaz and German Tettnanger as the dryhoop selections. Take your time to savor the square root of all the nooks and crannies of this bold ale.

Raspberry Wheat

American Style wheat beer brewed with bushels of Oregon grown raspberries.

Premium American Lager (PAL)

All-malt American style lager brewed for maximum summer enjoyment.


Rich bitter that rides the line between malt and hops, featuring flavors of honey, dark cherries, and citrus.

Matt Porter

Brewed in the English brown porter style, Matt Porter seamlessly melds a seductively subtle hint of coconut with the rich, dry flavors of English dark malts.

Agave Gold

A lite summer quencher, this one’s brewed with organic blue agave nectar for a smooth and easy introduction to the wonderful world of craft beer.


In celebration of Earth’s annual tilt back toward the sun, we bring you Hibernale.  A Belgian style tripel centered smack dab between the peppery spring of a spicy blend of Belgian yeasts and the nocturnal kiss of dark crystal, munich and honey malts, Hibernale helps fight the midwinter urge to stay curled up in bed.  For a taste of hope, optimism and promise this solstice season, get up and grab a glass.  After all, you’re halfway there already.

Uncle Dunkel

Our first lager is brewed to be malty, smooth and refreshing.  Bursting with Munich and caramel malts, noble Saaz and Northern Brewer hops take a back seat.  To accentuate smoothness and drinkability, the Uncle was cold conditioned, or lagered, for a full two months. Prost!

Old Mad Dog Barley Wine

Named in honor of our late friend Mike “Mad Dog” Kelley, our English style barleywine was brewed eleven long months ago, using a blend of Belgian malted barleys and English noble hops. Following fermentation, Old Mad Dog was aged for five months in bourbon barrels. Finally, this big beer was kegged, carbonated and tapped for your enjoyment.

Mother Lager

This Dortmunder Export Lager is a well-aged version of our flagship; featuring the same tasty hops and malt that are making its counterpart famous across Alaska, except this Mother is fermented with German lager yeast.

Louisville Sour

Blonde ale fermented in oak and dry hopped with loads of Centennial hops.  Flavors of tart apple, lemon, grapefruit.  The perfect summer sipper.


Abaddon is the counterpart to our winter seasonal, the Hibernale. Each batch of this Belgian style beer was brewed with 666 pounds of pilsner malt, which is in keeping with the Belgian tradition of naming this devious style beer after Beelzebub himself. We balanced the fiendish malt bill with an ample dose of continental hops for a true Belgian experience.


German black lager traces its roots back to the Middle Ages. Using traditional Pilsner and Munich malts and light noble hops, this lager has a subtle chocolate and coffee flavors with a crisp, clean lager finish. Pouring up with a light tan head, this sessionable lager will bridge the gap from winter to the green explosion of spring.


Traditional Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with rye, caraway and trace of onion. Four months of barrel aging imparted wild yeasts, adding complexities to the solid dry finish. We cellared this beauty for seven months, allowing it to naturally carbonate.

Good Dog

Steam style beer is brewed with lager yeast that ferments at ale temperatures. Our version is made with the second runnings of our Old Mad Dog Barleywine mash and is assertively hopped with Northern Brewer and Cascade hops.

Vienna Lager

Flavors of the old world come alive with a subtly assertive backbone of toasty Vienna malt balanced by the gently spiciness of Hersbrucker and Tettnager hops. Neither too light nor too dark, to sweet nor too bitter, this clean and refreshing crossroads beer is perfect for sipping in the sun as spring rolls into summer.

Tinderfoot von Scotch Ale

Named in honor of our kilt-wearing, beer-loving, whiskey-making friend John Wilcox (aka Tinderfoot von Wilcox), this scotch ale was fermented cool to highlight Golden Promise and peat smoked malts.

Bomb Barrel Ale

Wood Aged. Seven select grains, blackberry, honey and ample additions of Amarillo. Dried fruit, caramel, mint, and brown malt.

Flag Stop 1

Belgian Style Golden Ale. Brewed with pilsner malt, sazz and golding hops and a lively blend of Belgian yeasts.

Autumn Stupor

Belgian Quadruple. This big Belgian style beer began by mashing French munich and aromatic malts along with chocolate malt and flaked wheat. Hopping was subtle, with Chinook and Saaz at the center. But what really sets this quad apart is its nod to the yeast strain known as Brettanomyces. Following a primary fermentation with Belgian ale yeast, keg conditioning with Brett took place. This technique naturally carbonated the beer as well as imparted the “wild” flavors and aromas associated with this exciting addition to the brewer’s palette.

Seductress Series

We crafted this sultry selection of seven brews in conjunction with the Tap Root in Anchorage.  These bold beers take their names and inspiration from influential and powerful women.


Branwen’s Union Welsh Style Braggot | 9.1% ABV

Branwen’s Union Welsh Braggot was brewed nearly a year ago using a large proportion of Mat-Su Valley sourced wildflower honey and select pilsner and munich malts. After five months of aging in Ring of Fire apple cyser barrels and another five months of cold conditioning, blackberry honey was added to balance rich, dry flavors of oak and tart apples. Some call it a beer brewed with honey, others a mead made with malt; either way, Branwen’s Union is a braggot worth bragging about.

The Snow Queen: Oaked Wassail | 8.2%

The Snow Queen warms up winter with aromas of tart green apples, mulling spices and wood. A rich nose leads to flavors of high-bush cranberries and a rich, slightly dry, English maltiness. With hints of oak, bourbon and wild yeast, this one-of-a-kind winter warmer finishes full, yet not so overwhelming you can’t have another.

Black Pearl

Brewed in the English brown porter style, seamlessly melding a seductively subtle hint of coconut with the rich, dry flavors of English dark malts.  The Black Pearl was the first beer brewed for the Seductress Series.

Sweet Gypsy Rose

A Belgian style witbier dry hopped with organic rosebuds.  Zesty citrus and warm coriander flavors blend with a subtle floral aroma, ending with a dry, spicy finish.  An elegant and sassy beer that is easy to fall in love with.

The Queen Consort

Brewed with whole strawberries and using a combination of two traditional brewing techniques, the small beer and the sour mash, Strawberry Fields is a refreshing way to beat the summer heat in Talkeetna.  Get yours quick, as this fields of strawberries is not forever.

Cleopatra’s Kiss: Belgian Style Pale Ale | 5.7 % ABV

Medium bodied Belgian with hints of gingerbread, nuts, chocolate and toast.  Cascade and East Kent Golding hops lightly support pilsner, brown and munich malts, which blend well with an assertive though not over the top Belgian abbey yeast and a soft touch of lavender that is noticeable in both the aroma and the finish.  Overall, a characterful session ale that reminds us that the big beers of winter are just around the corner.

Mohini’s Amrita: Brown Ale | 6.2% ABV

Mohini’s Amrita takes its inspiration from the only female form of the Hindu God Vishnu.  As possessor of the nectar of immortality (the Amrita), Mohini enchants and enrages those who would kill to tame her and drink of her “Ocean of Milk.”  Our Amrita, a dark nut brown ale, is just as smooth, and features velvety chocolate malt up front; a nutty center palate with restrained additions of cumin, coriander, fennel, fenugreek and cardamom; and a slightly sweet lingering finish highlighted by cinnamon, cloves and cayenne.
Next up is a barrel conditioned spiced Wassail.  (Winter 2011)

The final Seductress brew is a Welsh style Braggot brewed in collaboration with the Ring of Fire Meadery (Winter/Spring 2011)

Spice Blanket Experimental Series

When we first met Jon Wilcox at the Tap Root Cafe in Anchorage, he was blending our beers with beers from other local Alaskan breweries, right at the tap, which is one of the lost arts of the bartender’s trade. The combinations he devised really knocked our socks off, and we found what he was doing (not to mention his incredible penchant for tasting, evaluating and rating beer) pretty impressive.  So when he asked if he could come up to Talkeetna to intern in the brewery in exchange for having free reign of our pilot brewing system (okay, Boe’s old homebrew gear), we said hell yes.  The Spice Blanket Experimental Series was the product of John’s first foray into commercial brewing.  The beers came and went quickly.  All that remains are memories of these radical, risky beers, as well as the promise that we may one day scale up and brew some of them in the big brewery.

Signature & Seasonal Beer

Mother Ale
Single Engine Red
Twister Creek IPA
Chuli Stout
Matt Porter
Louisville Sour
Agave Gold
Fusion White IPA
Pale Rider PA
Denali Schwarzbier
Slow Down Brown
The Big DIPA
Specialty Bombers
And many more...

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